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My Wellbeloved is designed with you in mind.  The dashboard can be customised to your preferences, so that you see the information that's important to you.

Got a new pet?  Moved house?  Use My Wellbeloved to keep your details up to date!  Once you've created your profile and logged in, you'll be able to tell us all about you and your beloved cats and dogs.

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We regularly send out quality newsletters that we believe will be of interest to dog and cat owners, with the emphasis on you and your pet.  We don't go on about our own products, and we don't buy or sell mailing lists, so you can be assured that you're getting something you'll find really useful.

We've also got a mailing list specially for promotions and competitions we're running.  Again, this isn't third-party rubbish, these are tailored promotions that you'll be interested in.

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Exclusive content

Exclusive content

By registering for a My Wellbeloved profile, you'll have access to an exclusive range of articles and resources.  For example, check out our downloads area, online games, and educational materials to help you understand your pet better.

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You can use your Wellbeloved profile to log into a range of different web sites run by James Wellbeloved.  Sign up to offers, participate in competitions, and much more!

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My Wellbeloved is now the place to register your James Wellbeloved Rewards Card, see your points history, and use your points online to get fantastic gifts for you and your pet.  Check out our Rewards page for more information.

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